Wednesday, May 19, 2010

flower of the day: peony

i'm starting with the obvious choice both in terms of the season and popularity.


here are some basic facts about peonies from the flower expert

named in honor of paeon, the physician of the gods
native to asia, southern europe and western north america
Bloom in late spring & early summer


  1. I don't currently own a digital camera so . . . many thanks for the info on your camera. Your "flickr" photos are lovely so I would be very happy with your Olympus FE 230 7.1 megapixl. I guess it's time to retire my Brownie Camera! Thanks again.

  2. Today's entry is both beautiful and informative. "Flower of the day" will make such a nice regular feature. Although there isn't a flower that I don't like, peonies are one of my favorites!

  3. I love love love peonies! I saw the following and thought of your website. For sure, these links are about fun and flowers.